1. I have a unique perspective on LCAH because I used to work here! I LOVED it, both as an employee and as someone who took their pet here. The staff is SO nice and all genuinely love the animals. I know it’s not the least expensive place to go in town, but it’s worth it. You get what you pay for – quality pet care in a professional, clean environment. The owners are always thinking of new ways to improve their hospital, and are very passionate about having the best animal hospital possible with highly trained staff. There are also things you don’t get to see as a pet owner. For instance, although I worked upfront, on my breaks, or at lunch, I often visited the pups in the back who were boarding or recovering from/waiting for procedures. I saw all the staff do this on a regular basis. Once, I walked past one of the larger runs and saw one of my coworkers (who was at lunch) sitting on the floor of the run, reading a book, while one of the patients napped with his head on her lap. We all loved the pets we took care of, often got to know them really well, and treated them like we would our own. Dr. Kuesis took care of my pup, so I had the most experience witnessing her veterinary care, and she was always fantastic. Very polite to everyone takes the time to listen to your concerns, just generally a super nice person (all things I heard from her clients, as well). Wish I hadn’t had to move away from SB and leave this place. Have yet to find a permanent vet for my pups, as my standards are pretty high after coming from LCAH :)

    Kevina G.
  2. La Cumbre Animal Hospital has gained my complete trust when it comes to diagnosing and solving health problems for my 5 yr old Chihuahua mix. They are always kind to Stewie, polite towards me, and knowledgeable. Dr. Kuesis is very practical in recommending the first steps and considers the monetary aspect as well as the risk to my pet in available solutions. His health problems have ranged from a surgery he needed on his leg to diagnosing a vomiting problem in early mornings that was not letting me sleep. While Stewie will always panic when he is taken to any vet, I am at ease knowing that they won’t subject him to unnecessary tests or procedures, and I believe they have his best interest in mind.

    Jesus G.
  3. I called La Cumbre Animal Hospital to see if they had room for a new patient. The person who answered the phone, yes, A Real Person, told me they were accepting a few new dogs and they were able to see our dog Billy in a few days. My old vet took 6 days to reply to an email.  We visited LCAH a few days later in their great new digs. Everyone there was friendly to both people and dogs. We waited a few minutes (I’m chronically early) and were seen right on time. The techs were great with Billy who is not an easy dog. Vet was friendly and knowledgeable. Billy got a few vaccinations and a blood draw all with a minimum of fuss but lots of liver treats.  I am a new fan of LCAH. They are great.

  4. Recently, when looking for another Pet Hospital, I like the La Cumbre Pet Hospital location and as a senior citizen the convenience of the parking spaces especially allocated in the parking lot right by the building was important to me. After checking on line for the Doctors qualifications and the reviews, I decided to make the move. After a few experiences with the receptionists, supervisors, veterinary technicians and assistants, I could tell the Hospital hired  top notch employees . They are the front line staff and are all able to think on their feet in an intelligent manner and effective way. My trust went instantly to the wonderful Doctors at La Cumbre. I found them to be caring, patient and knowledgeable. We should appreciate their responsibilities when dealing with difficult situations and recognize their dedication to take care of patients who can' t express where they hurt while providing support for their human owners.

    Nicole L.
  5. I have a 9-year-old Lhasa Apso who is my best pal. Yesterday, I noticed for a second day that she was spotting blood when urinating. I do not usually get overly dramatic about such things, but I lost a parent a couple of weeks ago and the night before, I watched a tv program where a couple lost a pet and had to grieve its loss. Let’s just say I was thinking the worst. A trusted friend recommended La Cumbre (I recently moved to Santa Barbara) and so I called, expecting to be told the doctor could see her tomorrow. When I told the office staff member my dog’s situation, she told me to bring her right over, that even though the doctor was booked, they would take care of her immediately. Besides the office being clean and efficient, everyone was extremely courteous. I told them about my recent loss and why I was feeling so concerned, and they listened with empathy and let me know how they would proceed. Before the day was over, they told me she was doing fine, that they had sent out blood tests when the answers would come, but their conclusion was that she had a far less frightening illness than cancer or kidney problems..a Urinary Tract Infection. The doctor came out to talk to me about my dog’s general health and I knew I found a place that truly cared about my dog and was also a caring and compassionate partner in keeping her healthy. I am so grateful to work with Dr. Holmes and her team.

    David S.
  6. My experience at La Cumbre animal hospital has been excellent across the board. We’re on our third dog under their care and very happy. Dr. Holmes has taken the time to have in-depth conversations with me about my pet’s health and ensure all my questions were answered, even when I know she had many other patients and things to attend to. She’s very gentle and caring with our animals and treats them with respect. Her medical knowledge seems first-rate and I have always felt extremely confident in her advice. The bills are always more than I want to pay, but that’s universal for any veterinary (or any kind of medical for that matter) issue, right?

    Jeff P.
  7. I am emotionally invested in my pets and finding a Veterinary hospital is a major decision. I look for caring staff, cleanliness, and most of all Doctors that are masters of their craft. Dr. Holmes and Dr. Kuesis are just that. We have three dogs, and one is a Labrador, so visits are often. The Doctors go above and beyond office visits. I can’t say enough how much I trust the staff at La Cumbre Animal Hospital. They are like family. I am very grateful to have found them.

    Shayla W.
  8. They are very knowledgeable and extremely nice! I love this place. They are the best in town and have an easy parking lot to access. Very reasonably priced and great all-around.