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Why should you purchase through La Cumbre Animal Hospital’s Online Pharmacy?

  • Guaranteed authentic medications: Many ‘Internet Pharmacies’ procure inventory in ways that invalidate manufacturer guarantees. If you have a problem with the medication you receive, you will have no recourse with the manufacturer. Buying from our VetSource site will guarantee quality just as if you purchased it from us directly!
  • Great Prices: Prices on our VetSource site are very competitive with any other internet source out there.
  • Convenient and secure 24/7 medication ordering.
  • No Standard shipping charges (5-9 business days) for orders to your home totaling over $49.00


For the past 5-years, La Cumbre Animal Hospital has offered the convenience of home delivery, which provides affordable, quality medications, coupled with AutoShip programs so your pet’s medications are delivered to your home, on time, just when you need it!

Shop online and browse our selection of safe, authentic products that include:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives
  • Chronic Medications
  • Nutrition Products including Hills and Royal Canin
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals

If you find online ordering more convenient, La Cumbre's online pharmacy is available for your online prescription needs. Vetsource, who helps us to provide this service, makes every attempt to keep their prices comparable to many online pharmacies. You can visit Vetsource's site directly, or access it from our website at Since Vetsource is an extension of one of our drug distributors, all manufacturer guarantees are in place for drug safety and efficacy.

On-Line Drug Pet Safety

Maintaining your pet’s health and well-being are our highest priorities at La Cumbre Animal Hospital! Therefore, we would like to make you aware of potential risks when ordering your pet’s medications online from sources such as Chewy & Amazon: manufacturer guarantees of safety and efficacy are void when ordering from these retailers and you could potentially receive expired, ineffective, or counterfeit medication that looks legitimate.

Unknown to the general public, all of the major manufacturers of prescription veterinary drugs (such as Elanco, Ceva, Novartis, Zoetis, etc.) have a long-standing policy to only sell their drugs to facilities such as La Cumbre Animal Hospital that have current established veterinary-client-patient relationships. The policies were enacted to ensure that their medications were being properly prescribed to appropriate patients, for appropriate medical conditions, and used correctly according to the FDA label.

When products are purchased directly from a veterinarian’s office, the manufacturer stands behind their product guarantee of safety and efficacy of the medication. Manufacturers of prescription veterinary drugs do not sell to any online pharmacies, big box stores, or pet stores including Pet Meds, Drs. Foster and Smith, Costco, Walmart, Petco, etc. Because manufacturers do not sell to online companies directly, these companies are forced to buy their products through middlemen and cannot guarantee that legitimate products have been handled, stored, or shipped properly - all of which could decrease their effectiveness and possibly the safety of these products.

Additionally, there are increased reports of fake and counterfeit products infiltrating the supplies. Many products are in identical packaging! Pharmacies, clients, and even veterinarians cannot tell if the product is fraudulent until they fail to work or cause illness in the patient.

We want to keep your pets as safe as possible while also ensuring your money is well spent! Please consider ordering your furry friend's prescriptions via our online pharmacy: you'll be supporting our small business and can be guaranteed you're getting the real thing!